dance floor corporation

At the end of the 80's Expanded Music opened its new label DFC (DANCE FLOOR CORPORATION) releasing some of the most innovative tracks which are still considered nowadays worldwide anthems & cult tunes for the dancefloor.

During its long life DFC has enjoyed the cooperation with many famous artists and DJ's both from the Italian and the international scene such as Afrika Bambaataa, Manuel Goettsching, Massimino Lippoli, Malcom MacLaren, Derrick May, Hocus Pocus, DJ RICCI, Technotronic, TRANSFORMER 2, JOVANOTTI, DJ Cerla aka Floorfilla.

Just to name some of the many hits released by DFC we wish to mention classic tunes such as SUENO LATINO by SUENO LATINO, ULTIMO IMPERIO by ATAHUALPA, RAMIREZ with his hits collection titled MUSIKA TREMENDA, ORGASMICO, TERAPIA, HABLANDO and EL GALLINERO, JUST GET UP & DANCE by AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, HELL'S PARTY BY GLAM, SEX DRIVE by GLAM featuring PETE BURNS, VICIOSA by VALERIA VIX and the Anthem series by Floorfilla.

DFC has now joined KOMPAKT for the distribution of its new worldwide vinyl releases.