Martin Hossbach Demo

Martin Hossbach has been running a record label called Martin Hossbach since 2012.

Martin Hossbach loves to listen to demos, sketches, skits, flashes of genius, jokes and absurdities artists once recorded but then didn’t see fit for release, forgot about, fiddled around with until they lost their interest in them or simply couldn’t be bothered with anymore. Martin Hossbach loves the unique aura these recordings have.

Martin Hossbach Demo is a new sub-label of Martin Hossbach.

Martin Hossbach Demo, founded in the morning of 18 April 2019 when Martin Hossbach woke up early at 4.56 a.m. will only release demos, sketches, skits, flashes of genius, jokes and absurdities (henceforth simply called »demos«), single demos or collections of demos, as downloads and streams only.

Martin Hossbach Demo is distributed worldwide by Kompakt.

Artists are free to use their usual artist name – or a different (newly made-up) name should they not want to reveal their identity in which case Martin Hossbach Demo will not reveal their identity either and keep shtum.

Martin Hossbach Demo doesn’t mind a »bad quality« of a recording and would be happy to release a file without having it mastered. Actually, the original quality of the demo is fine and part of Martin Hossbach Demo’s fascination for demos. Ultimately though, the artists make that decision.