Maybe Tomorrow

Dear You,

So why am I starting a label? I guess I'm trying to centralize my output. Give it all some kind of unity. My friend Jon Berry (who works at Kompakt and is running the label with me) has been bugging me for ages to do it and now seems the time. I’ve had a great run thus far with all my buddy's labels, and I don't think i'll stop as long as they still want me. But for the time being it made sense somehow that I do my own thing. Give it a name - Maybe Tomorrow - and a face - vinyl. In some ways I'm hoping that Maybe Tomorrow will bring all my stuff together, under the same umbrella so to speak. I don't have grand plans or a release schedule worked out, just a desire to make records and release a whole bunch of music that wants to come out. I always said that I'm doing this to give back to the community that I took so much from, that I learned so much from. I guess this is just an extension of that. And in some strange round about way it's also my way of thanking everyone, for supporting me and keeping me on this path. Wherever it's leading... so hopefully there's something in there for you to enjoy... and as the song says...

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally settle down, Until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on.

Thanks for listening, The Mole