Nitsa Traxx

Many years after the wild adventure that was Nitsa Records, where artists like Ferenc, Elbee Bad, Matthew Herbert, DMX Krew, Hans Nieswandt or Michael Mayer (who signed the unforgettable remix of Ferenc’s “Yes sir, I Can Hardcore”) were brought together effortlessly, Barcelona’s Nitsa Club gives a step forward launching their next record label: Nitsa Traxx.

The idea is simple: to release tracks of people close to the Nitsa family with a remix on the flip. One track per side, little info and a certain romantic flair of the dance track as something almost anonymous, beyond genres and styles.

It’s a dance label, but not quite. It indirectly plays the never-ending topic of the linear track, but there’s a certain tension at the same time. Putting things simple, we can say it’s music that could sound any night at Nitsa. Open minded music that, starting with the DJ tool idea, ends up as a rather unique and consistent effort.