Soniculture is a Lisbon based label created by Expander. Its goal is to deliver cutting edge electronic dance music.

It started by having split releases by artists such as Billy Dalessandro, Misc., Jake Fairley, Ilar & Hedvall, Thinkfreak, Landberg & Jacobson, Chordian, Midimiliz aka Extrawelt, apart from Expander himself.

The concept than moved toward original releases with remixes from artists that are part of the Soniculture family such as Gui Boratto, Paul Kalkbrenner, Marc Houle, Maxime Dangles and Jason Emsley.

Soniculture Unlimited, the new sub label, was created in 2008 and is aimed to live in the digital world, with distribution on the Internet’s finest shops, such as Beatport, Kompakt mp3 and Juno Download.

Many new ideas and surprises are yet to come, for an ever growing crowd of demanding music listeners.

Soniculture is distributed by Kompakt.