The Berlin-based label Unterland was founded in 2017 by Monoloc.

Unterland is an immersive sensory experience of atmospheric productionsand constructed into a unique platform for a range of soundscapes not limited to the dance floor. Think movie soundtracks and film music, albeit with both feet planted in the electronic genre.

Manifested as a record label and event series of collaborations with artists based on inspiration and respect, the musical direction lends itself to Monoloc ’s signature raw, yet sleek take on techno and ambient music but also extends to experimental and theatrical undertones. Each release will aim to “tell a story”.

From 2018 on, there will be 3-4 releases per year, each of which will be accompanied by high quality artwork as curated by Monoloc, who will work closely with selected photographers and artists to provide imagery that aesthetically compliments the music. All releases will be distributed by Kompakt in digital and vinyl formats.