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D-Edge's music label is the brand's newest project towards its expansion and consolidation as a irradiating pole of electronic culture from Brasil and worldwide. As such, its goal is to disseminate both our blossoming national talent overseas and to put the Brasilian audience in touch with some of the best artists of the globe.

Counting on the attentive curatorship of DJ Renato Ratier, the label bets on fostering artistic diversity and quality and, in the process, invest in the long term on the immense quantity and variety of talent that visit the club on a weekly basis.

An array of artists that is an essential part of the efforts that led D-Edge to place itself among the best in the world and now will be a component in its project of dissemination of the Brasilian electronic production throughout the world, through the unique logistic structure that a distribution company such as Kompakt can provide.

An unparalleled enterprise in the country and which will bring these assets to definitively insert Brasil in the international electronic music scenario. From now on, D-Edge's dancefloor will be more global than ever.

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