Hello Berlin - In Celebration Of Copenhagen's Nightlife Feat. Michael Mayer (Distortion, Melt, Kompakt)

Copenhagen's Distortion Festival has teamed up with Melt! and Kompakt to bring you "Hello Berlin", a celebration of Copenhagen's nightlife brought to German soil for a 24 hour outdoor/indoor day of music, food, and fun.

For the event, Kompakt's own Michael Mayer has curated a very special one hour mix-tape that will be performed by each artists that appears in the mix. Artists included are Kompakt's Matias Aguayo and Justus Köhncke, plus Patrice Bäumel, Khan, Daniel Meteo, Taragana Pyjarama, Pawels Club Choir, Zymbal monkeys Drum Ensemble, and Erick D. Clark! Commencing at 20:00 at the Stattbad Backyard, you can experience the mix-tape live! Watch as each act performs their part of the mix while Michael Mayer (with a large mixing board) mixes one performance into the next, creating the mix-tape in real time. Also watch out for special live vocal and percussive ensembles contributing to the mix.

The day will start off with a backyard open air and "chill and grill", followed by the live mix-tape, then onto a nightclub event, and finally the after party in the courtyard of the Renate Wild. Here is a rundown of the schedule and where to be for the day:

  • Saturday 14 May 2011 from 12-12 Address: Gerichtstrasse 23 + 65, Wedding Price: Free btw 12-22, €10 from 22 Info & Tickets: https://cphdistortion.dk
  • Backyard Open Air From 12:00 Backyard, Gerichtstrasse 23, Free Grill, chill and out door games with DJs: Hugo Capablanca + MHM One + Emil Viril + Matias Samo + Decara
  • Live Mixtape curated by Michael Mayer From 20:00 Stattbad’s Backyard, Gerichtstrasse 65, Free 2 hour crazy live show with 10 acts: Justus Köhncke + Daniel Meteo + Michael Mayer + Patrice Bäumel + Khan + Matias Aguayo + Taragana Pyjarama + Pawels Club Choir + Zymbal monkeys Drum Ensemble + Erick D. Clark
  • Stattbad Nightclub From 22:00 Stattbad, Gerichtstrasse 65, €10 Pool Floor: The Sorry Entertainers + more Locker Room: Justus Köhncke + Erick D. Clark Taragana Pyjarama (live) + more Basement: Michael Mayer + Patrice Bäumel + Matias Aguayo (live) + Khan + more
  • Renate Afterhour From 06:00 Open Air in Renate’s garden. Free bus shuttle from Stattbad The shuttle bus: Die Schnelle Nummer DJs

We look forward to seeing you there! Don't forget your camera, this will be one for the books.

Posted on May 6th 2011