Thomas Fehlmann Returns Jan 31st with TITAN ONE / DFM

We are tremendously proud to announce the imminent release of THOMAS FEHLMANN's new 12" single.

TITAN ONE / DFM are new recordings (together with Berlin's ARI BENJAMIN MEYERS) that were inspired from an October 2010 concert in Montreal, Canada in conjunction with members of the MONTREAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

This beautifully documented recording features reinterpretations of the classic GUSTAV MAHLER piece “SYMPHONY NO. 1 (TITAN)” and a FEHLMANN fan favorite “DU FEHLST MIR” renamed as DFM from his 2002 Kompakt album "Visions Of Blah" (BUY HERE)

Whether as Palais Schaumberg, The Orb, or 2MB (to name only a few alias); Fehlmann may have 3 decades of professional recordings under his belt but he continues to prove to the world as being one of the most fascinating and creatively open musicians in his field. This release clearly proves his story is far from over.

TITAN ONE / DFM will be released by Kompakt on January 31, 2011 on 12" and digital.

Posted on January 7th 2011 Label