Pop Ambient - Momente (Mixed By Popnoname)

POP AMBIENT returns today...and beyond the usual anticipation, for a cause. We celebrate a decade of annual bliss with POP AMBIENT 2010! Certainly a cornerstone of the house of KOMPAKT and early awaited by followers alike. This year's edition features all new, EXCLUSIVE music from the likes of WOLFGANG VOIGT (aka GAS), DJ KOZE, THE ORB and the return of the legendary DETTINGER after almost a decade of absence!
A POP AMBIENT mainstay, Jens-Uwe Beyer aka POPNONAME is no stranger to the Cologne scene. Beyond releasing two acclaimed full length's on ITALIC, he is continually building bridges within the local community with the SOUND OF COLOGNE project that has included the likes of ADA, THE MODERNIST, THE FIELD, JOHN STANIER (BATTLES) and JAN PHILLIP JANZEN (VON SPAR). He has also recently collaborated with JAKI LIEBEZEIT (percussionist of CAN).
POPNONAME has put together his favorite moments from the past decade of POP AMBIENT on this delightful 30 minute mix featuring classic tunes from MINT (aka WOLFGANG VOIGT), TRIOLA (aka THE MODERNIST/JÖRG BURGER), GUSTAVO LAMAS and a brand new tune from DJ KOZE that appears on POP AMBIENT 2010.

This mix also appears on the webzine R.FM! You can download it from them HERE.
Look out for a new single from POPNONAME out this spring on KOMPAKT POP!

Pop Ambient - Momente (Mixed By Popnoname) 1. "Express Yourself" Markus Guentner (Pop Ambient 2003) 2. "Manana" Gustavo Lamas (Pop Ambient 2001) 3. "Come To Where I Go" Dirk Leyers (Pop Ambient 2006) 4. "Bodenweich" DJ Koze (Pop Ambient 2010) 5. "Wasted Years" Ulf Lohman (Pop Ambient 2005) 6. "Nightliner" Popnoname (Pop Ambient 2009) 7. "All (Remix)" Mint (Pop Ambient 2001) 8. "In Lourdes" Triola (Pop Ambient 2008) 9. "Sakura" Pass Into Silence (Pop Ambient 2004)
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Posted on January 15th 2010