Album artwork for Alchemie

Alchemie Be Svendsen - Remixes

Release date: September 15, 2014
Cat No: 3000° 018
Barcode: 880319684210
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Be Svendsen snatched the audio tracks from 4 virtuous sound acrobats and juggles them in the free space between streamlined House, classic fairground buzz, and silent film music from the Golden 20s. It sounds quite effusive, yes tipsy – but once you start moving to the rhythm you’ll realize that it has been constructed on the solid foundation of experience and dance floor precision. Of course Acid Pauli provides a perfect starting point for this venture: Be Svendsen straps the swaying piano chords of his Requiem For A Loop to a swinging bass line, performs wild caprioles, and just when you think he’s finally lost it he jumps back to joyful forward boost. His remix of Schlaraffenland by the Electronic Swing Orchestra keeps the rich composition of the original track and combines it with simple yet extremely catchy beat structures. The most hypnotic title on this EP is created together with Monolink and inspired by the multidimensional deepness of The Micronaut: A wonderfully dreamy remix of Modulation Transfer Function. Even more variation comes with The One, a shuffling groove monster that has everything it takes to turn the audience into a broadside of human cannonballs.

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