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Release date: June 26, 2020
Cat No: RTE 0016
Barcode: 4250101419539
21,93 €
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  • release
Visiting an antique shop is a journey into an uncertain past in which one finds objects that are dormant but still loaded with aesthetic, historical and sentimental value, waiting to be rescued in order to perpetuate their identity and, perhaps, to allow them to live a second life.

In "Anticuario", Alex Alarcón aka Sustainer uses digital restoration and sound processing tools to exhume forgotten musical genres, giving them new form and structure. The objects in his "Anticuario" are old recordings of popular music that have fallen into oblivion but have not completely faded. Now, after a long and meticulous process of editing akin to sound archaeology, he presents these forgotten objects to us, preserving their identity while creating a very different appearance.

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