Album artwork for My Spine Is The Bass Line

My Spine Is The Bass Line Shriekback

Cat No: GR-1283
Barcode: 4250101436154
15,90 €
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There are few post-punk anthems quite as dancefloor-ready as Shriekback's 1982 single 'My Spine (Is The Bassline)', a formidably funky number full of bongo-laced, disco-influenced drums, low-slung bass and stylish lead vocals. Here it gets a deserved reissue on marbled vinyl, with the intoxicating title track being joined by a trio of tracks from the same period. There's 'Tiny Birds', a deeper and woozier concoction that boasts hazy chords and squally guitar solos, spaced-out dancefloor dub number 'Feelers' and Prince-goes-post-punk disco number 'Accretions', which first featured on the band's first mini-album, Tench.

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