Album artwork for Ran Rad Single Series Vol.1

Ran Rad Single Series Vol.1 Various Artists


Ran Rad

Release date: June 5, 2020
Cat No: RRD003
Barcode: 4250101418808
Ran Rad launched the ‘Ran Rad Single Series’ in 2019, based on the idea of having a fast channel/platform to deliver fresh music from upcoming young artists. Doing so, the label hopes to get to know more young talents from the world, and of course also to help spread their music to reach the bassheadz community. So far, four tunes have been out from the Ran Rad Single Series, which are then summarised into Vol.1.The four tracks are: Artificial from DJ Yum Yum (Leipzig, Germany), Dustcape from DRANQ (Leipzig Germany), Jacking Swing from Negative 808 (Beijing, China) and Riddim Up from Radiax (Beijing, China).

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