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Hey, Baxendale! A name like a flaming sword. Guided by a holy leader on speed, inflamed by rage. Rage against the fucking rich or whoever else is in the way. Isn’t this exactly how that name sounds like? But if you don’t know the band yet, then the name just sounds like an English word that doesn`t exist at all. What a waste! What a waste of tear pushing hedonism to not yet know this band! Baxendale. Tim, Alex and Senay from London. Their 1999 full-length debut "You will have your revenge" brought together dancefloor with an unchained moment of pop-rock. In between days, Baxendale made remixes, e.g. of Hefner’s big "Greedy ugly people". For the Spanish market, they had Le Hammond Inferno bastard-popped their hit "Music for girls".

So why Kompakt you may ask? We fell in love with their extraordinary take on pop with the single "I Built This City" and had to get our paws all over it by releasing it on KOMPAKT POP. Justus Köhncke and Michael Mayer did their own renditions which continue to guarantee endless dance floor devastation for the kids.

So where are Baxendale today?! We wonder....and remember...

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