• The legendary OKTEMBER EP by Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS project is finally re-released on Kompakt Records, pressed on 180 gram vinyl in its original artwork.

    This reissue features “Tal ‘90“ (instead of the original A side) – a predecessor to the GAS project originally recorded in 1990 under the alias TAL. With its sampled strings, horns and guitars, "Tal 90” soundtracks a more uplifting side to what is typically accustomed to being the sound of GAS. The title track “Oktember” is a dense, hypnotic affair that conjures a unique vision of dub techno that few have been able to replicate.

    A monumental soundtrack to uncertain times.


    Die legendäre OKTEMBER EP von GAS ist ab sofort als 180-Gramm-Vinyl im originalen Artwork wieder erhältlich.

    Statt “Oktember A“ befindet sich nun das Stück “Tal ‘90“ auf dieser Wiederveröffentlichung. Dieser Track aus dem Jahr 1990 ist ein musikalischer Vorläufer von GAS und erschien einst unter dem Projektnamen TAL. Getragen von hell tönenden Geigen und Gitarren Samples und von Ferne erklingenden Hörnern zeigt “Tal ‘90“ musikalisch eine ganz andere Seite des für GAS sonst typischen Sounds, während der dichte und hypnotische Titeltrack “Oktember“ eine zeitlose und einzigartige Vision von Dub und Techno entwirft, die immer noch ihresgleichen sucht .

    Ein monumentaler Soundtrack für unruhige Zeiten.

    Pre-order: /releases/oktember_mini_lp

    Posted on March 31th 2020
  • After an 8 year hiatus, on April 24th Michael Mayer returns to the Kompakt mothership with “Higher”. The single “Belle De Lune” can be yours now exclusively via Bandcamp.



    Posted on March 31th 2020
  • Limited purple vinyl is exclusively available here!

    Hot on the heels of Kölsch’s surprise release “Shoulder Of Giants / Glypto”, he is back with good reason. “Time / Sleeper Must Awaken” celebrates the announcement of his forthcoming album entitled “Now Here, No Where” on Kompakt.

    Kölsch is never shy of being emotive in his music and delivers an anthemic sure shot to the heart with “Time” which is in collaboration with rising Brooklyn duo Beacon (Ghostly International). “Sleeper Must Awaken” has been a staple of his sets and commemorates Kölsch taking a more minimalistic approach to his “classic” sound. The results are as equally thunderous.

    Posted on March 27th 2020
  • Protest is a sublabel of Profan curated and run by Wolfgang Voigt. Between 2010 and 2015 Protest released 14 maxi singles on vinyl, exclusively available only through the Kompakt webshop.

    Musically it is all about the straight bass drum. Reaching from abstract Expressionism to pop Surrealism and from Gabber to Ambient music, with the Protest label Wolfgang Voigt explores the limits of danceability and four-to-the-floor rhythms far beyond the minimal techno mainstream.

    Now available is a digital edition of the complete Protest back catalogue including new mixes and the previously unreleased Protest 15 - “Tubass - Tubass Live" – only and exclusively via kompakt.fm!


    Protest ist ein Sublabel von Profan, kuratiert und betrieben von Wolfgang Voigt. Zwischen 2010 und 2015 erschienen auf Protest 14 Vinyl-Maxis, die exklusiv nur über den Kompakt Webshop erhältlich sind.

    Musikalisch dreht sich auf Protest alles um die gerade Bassdrum. Von abstrakt-expressionistisch bis pop-surrealistisch und von Gabber bis Ambient lotet Wolfgang Voigt hier die Grenzen von Tanzbarkeit und gerader Bassdrum jenseits des Minimal Techno-Mainstreams immer wieder von neuem aus.

    Nun erscheint der generalüberholte komplette Backkatalog von Protest als digitale Edition, ergänzt durch neue Mixe und die bisher unveröffentlichte Protest 15 „Tubass - Tubass Live" – exklusiv als Download nur via kompakt.fm!

    Posted on March 26th 2020
  • Dear Friends,

    we hope that you, your family and loved ones are doing as well as can be during these trying times. Our hearts go out to those afflicted by the virus, and to our global network of partners, clubs, promoters, festivals, friends, fans and followers. And we are very thankful to all the people working extremely hard at the moment to fight this pandemic.

    As everybody else, we here at Kompakt are deeply concerned about the coronavirus, and closely monitoring the situation every day. We are taking every safety precaution possible, and working in line with the rules and recommendations set out by the German authorities. This is a challenging situation for Kompakt and our team. Our hearts go out to the countless people out there worried about their future.

    Our beloved record store has temporarily closed its doors, however our webshop / online store KOMPAKT.FM remains open for all you music lovers. Every Friday, there will be many new releases to expect from our distributed family of labels and more. Beyond that, we are constantly updating our Bandcamp store with old and new releases plus be sure to follow our playlists on Spotify and Deezer.

    Please be safe.


    KOMPAKT team

    Stay home, stay safe.

    Posted on March 26th 2020
  • Pre-order limited vinyl here: https://KompaktRecords.lnk.to/EverybodysKissingEveryoneBL

    KOM RSD 6

    The story’s been told before, though perhaps it hasn’t been documented as well as it should have been: a group of young producers in Germany were knocked out by acid tracks, and in particular, the UK’s acid house moment, convinced by the way it negotiated pop’s pleasure and dancing’s drive. Across the turn of the decade, The Bionaut’s Jörg Burger, alongside friends and peers Wolfgang Voigt, Ingmar Koch, Cem Oral, Andreas Bolz, Gregor Luttermann, would produce a dizzying number of tracks under a mountain of pseudonyms.

    1992 was a turning point for Burger. Moving between Frankfurt and Cologne, Burger produced Everybody’s Kissing Everyone with one eye on the dancefloor, the other on the lounge room. The productions from these fruitful sessions share a glam poppiness, even at their most supine, with Burger returning to his pop roots. This was a running theme across the nineties, as he released a stretch of pop-electronica albums and EPs as The Bionaut and The Modernist.

    Vivid and welcoming, precision-tooled for the dancefloor, dewy-eyed and humbly melancholy, The Bionaut’s productions manage to make risk and experimentation welcoming, joyous – the inverse of so much studious experimental music. Talking about his productions as The Bionaut, Burger uses the term ‘metapop’ to explain his music, and that’s a perfect way of thinking about what he does – it’s at once pop and beyond pop, with a knowingness that gleefully ransacks pop’s history.

    You can hear, in the seven tracks on Everybody’s Kissing Everyone, reflections of UK acid house, the spiralling squelch of Chicago acid tracks, the lilting lightness of pop-trance, but the connecting force is a lushness of tone and richness of melody that points forward to the pop-tronica of later Bionaut. Here, Burger takes a snapshot of that precise middle-point between the dancefloor and the bedroom and colours it in both primaries and pastels. It’s a most elegant swoon.

    Posted on March 26th 2020
  • From our early days of releasing landmark tracks from JUSTUS KÖHNCKE, the label has never been shy of exploring the enigmatic fringes of disco in our own way. AGENTS OF TIME follow these footsteps but head into galactic territory with MUSIC MADE PARADISE.

    Pre-order here: https://KompaktRecords.lnk.to/MusicMadeParadiseBL

    KOM 417

    Posted on March 24th 2020
  • Steve Moore's Kompakt debut is out now on all platforms. An epic follow up to his appearance on Kompakt Extra back in 2010!


    Posted on March 12th 2020
  • This is the video for the B side of Kölsch's recent EP on Kompakt.

    In his words:

    "An ode to a magical place. A hidden gem in my hometown. A place where culture and inspiration collides. I wanted the music to reflect a timeline that never happened. The future of yesterday perhaps."

    The limited turquoise vinyl is still available here!

    Posted on February 11th 2020
  • It's with great pleasure that we announce the return of New York's synth wizard Steve Moore to Kompakt - pretty much exactly 10 years after his much lauded first appearance on our Speicher series.

    "Frame Dragging" is out March 6th.

    Pre-order it here.

    Pacshot KOM 415

    Posted on February 11th 2020
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