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Blank Gloss is the California-based duo of Patrick Hills and Morgan Fox who originally met through their shared interest and involvement in punk and hardcore music. The two began recording together as a duo at the Patrick's studio, Earthtone Recording Company, in 2020. The largely improvised recording session resulted in their first album, January, which was released on Night Young Records later that year. They quickly followed their debut with a contribution to Kompakt's Pop Ambient series and a full length, titled Melt, also released on Kompakt in the summer of 2021.
They follow up Melt with their next longer player, Cornered, which finds the duo still exploring the vast expanse of ambient music, but with a slightly more minimal, stark result. By peeling back the layers of their music, they’ve revealed both its restful core and its solemn gravitas. It is unendingly lovely, but with something disquieting at its center.

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