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Hippie Dance, Optimo, Berlin
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It’s all an imaginary choreography. All she does. This sensitive French girl called Julienne Dessagne. She is from Saint-Étienne. She has been in Glasgow, in London and is now stationed in Berlin. In-between she visited the sky and started a project called The Twins. An esoteric outfit of her artistic personality, that gave birth to two haunting EPs, on the deeply befriended labels : Optimo Music and Hippie Dance. In the year 2017 she got reborn again and transformed into Fantastic Twins – another double-headed alias for psychedelic techno and avant-electronica. Her first output called “The New You” features four haunting electronic trips with twisted alien-like atmospheres; cosmic techno dust and the bewitched voice of Julienne, that dances around like an instrument in a whirlwind. Her second Fantastic Twins record is an album that responds to the name “Obakodomo (Au Balcon Du Monde)”. It was initially made for a contemporary dance piece - music that reaches out to another passion of hers: contemporary dance; an art form she practiced for decades, during which she was profoundly exposed to composers like Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Peter Zummo. Musical grassroots, that later been twisted in Glasgow, by Optimo, during party nights full of post-punk, synth-wave, techno, house and more. All this she takes to her studio, where she pets her Moog-Voyager, other synths, and drum machines while breezing enchanting through the microphone. She likes to go on musical trips –in the studio and on stage - to unfold a unique story arc that talks to the audience deeply, delicately, and propulsively. No peak-time rush for weekend party workers. A travel in sound, shuffling through an imaginary stylistic library of personal stories, translated in luminous, beautifully constructed, musical poetry; suspenseful in story-telling and enlarged with particles of dance and club music. On record or on stage: it’s all an imaginary choreography.

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