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The DJ-brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann, originally from Regensburg / Germany, were exposed to music by their father, the Jazz saxophonist Ullrich Teichmann, right from the early days. At the young age of 12 and 9 they formed their first band “Totalschaden” (“write-off”). During their teenage years they matured to be leading figures in the regional music scene and later became founding members of the band “Beige GT” which would grow to national and international fame after their debut album “Jukebox Heroes”.

As electronic music producers they founded their own record label “Festplatten” and also released on internationally acclaimed labels such as “Kompakt” (Cologne) or “l´Age D´or” (Hamburg). They quickly found themselves becoming DJ´s in-demand and toured Germany and Europe extensively. In 2001 they also started a cooperation with the composer/zither player Leopold Hurt.

In 2002 the city of Regensburg awarded the Teichmann brothers with the culture prize of the year for their long lasting contributions to and activities for the youth culture of the city. They became the youngest award winners in the history of Regensburg.

In the same year they joined fellow musicians and performing artists to found an art association called “Graz e.V”, which created not only an inspiring work space but also an independent room for regular exhibitions, symposiums, concerts and other cultural events.

When the Teichmann brothers are at the decks or playing live they ride high with the crowd, 2 guys on a natural high, jumping, raving, always wearing that distinctive Teichmann smile, a euphoria reflected in the music and a smile you can't help returning. The Teichmann sets - ping-pong sets with the two brothers playing each other the ball, consistently unpredictable and focussed. Dramatically mixing genres from minimal to acid, to chicago, techno, rock and house as one. The Teichmann party - raved about not only by Berliners and crowds in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, but even by those in the depths of Siberia.

Andi Teichmann released his first solo album 'Fades' in 2005. Two years later the first Teichmann brothers album 'The Number of the Beat' saw the light of day on Munich based label Disko B and the Japanese label 'Leitfaden'. In the same year Andi founded the experimental noise pop band 'The Happy End'. In 2007 they were part of the 'Soundscapes' project, initiated by Hans Nieswandt and Goethe Institut. They worked several weeks with the Philippine duo 'Rubber Inc' on new material and performed together in Manila and Cebu.

2008 the brothers composed their first pieces for classical instruments in association with 'NewmusiX' project of new music ensemble 'Piano Possibile'. They did a rework of 'Amadé, Amadé' by composer Moritz Eggert, including parts for piano, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, french horn and live electronics and they worked on 'Breaking News' a tribute to 'Trash TV Trance' by the Italian composer Fausto Romitelli (*1963 - †2004), including vocals, trombone, electric guitar, drums, cello and live electronics.

In 2009 together with Moritz Eggert and a 20 piece orchestra they open the 'Tiroler Festspiele' in Ehr with Moritz Eggert's production 'Auf dem Wasser zu singen'.

Since March 2010 Andi Teichmann hosts the monthly show 'Von Wegen' on Berlin based radio station 'BLN.FM'

In cooperation with Goethe Institut Nairobi the brothers initiated and curate since 2010 the acclaimed project 'BLNRB', where bands from Berlin like Jahcoozi and Modeselektor and Kenyan musicians & MCs like Ukoo Flani, Abass Kubaff and Necessary Noize come together to produce music and perform in Germany and Africa. During the world cup 2010 they played with MC Lon Jon in Johannesburg and organized music workshops in adjoining town ships. At the opening of the 'Worldtronic Festival 2010' at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the brothers played together onstage with 21 Kenyan artists.

In 2011 they are planning to release their second album, Furthermore they are going on a research trip to India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in spring 2011. Also their BLNRB project will release a compilation in April on Munich based label 'Out Here Records'.

The brothers now live and work in Berlin.

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