Gregor Schwellenbach

Kompakt, Galerie, Cologne

Gregor Schwellenbach lives around the corner, but you won’t see him very often. As a musician and performer of up to twelve different instruments, he’s constantly on the road, travelling the lands from pop to contemporary music and back.

His arrangements are sought after in film and TV, as they are in theaters across the country. Knowing every subcultural trick in the book and camouflaged as an inspired amateur, he nevertheless likes to draw the card of being a classically trained composer when the right moment presents itself. Furthermore he programmed electronics for performance spectacles, conducted music for ads, produced radio plays and even wrote an opera about sugar.

His taste for subversive concepts, his merciless ludic drive and his courage for catchy melodies instantly connect him to Kompakt’s music, whose electronic dancefloor expertise now finds itself properly scored by the master of soul-stirring polyphonic studies.

His unique project »Gregor Schwellenbach spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt«, released for the 20th anniversary of Kompakt in 2013, gained worldwide recognition and was performed live at numerous festivals and in clubs solo or with ensemble.

Since 2016 one of Gregor's main projects became »Six Pianos«, a cooperation of six international contemporary piano players performing Steve Reich's trademark composition from 1973.

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