Gui Boratto

DOC, Kompakt, Sao Paolo

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1974, Gui Boratto began working as a producer, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist in the early '90s. After countless licenses from major international major labels, he started dedicating his time to his own music, stringing together various strands of pop-infused techno and house and translating them into his very own stream of groove consciousness.

Gui's first full-length album, the much-acclaimed ”Chromophobia”, was released in 2007 through Kompakt and became an instant success, thanks to its lush melodies and enthralling beats. After 3 full-length albums under his belt - and with remixes and additional productions for Massive Attack, Bomb The Bass, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp and Moby amongst others -, Gui unveiled his 4th album “Abaporu” in 2014.

An exotic and colorful journey into sound, it spreads over 13 richly orchestrated club tracks that display the same penchant for ridiculously catchy melodies and infectious rhythms as his earlier work. “Abaporu” also illustrates Gui's growing preoccupation with expertly tailored vocals or finely tuned guitar interludes - updates to his sonic vocabulary that already lead to the fantastic 2014 summer singles “Take Control” and “Too Late”.

His very own imprint D.O.C. launched in 2013 - distributed by Gui’s mother label Kompakt, it quite simply advocates timeless music. Directly mentoring and producing new Brazilian artists like the massively talented duo Elekfantz, Gui emerges in yet another role that finds him at the top of his game, doing what he does best: rewiring the electronic circuits that connect European and US dance music to his own - and our - liking.

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