Joachim Spieth

As „very charming minimal house with black forest funk“ a reviewer from the United States once assessed the first publication of Joachim Spieth, born 1979 near Stuttgart. Abi 99 (“abi” is the general qualification for university entrance) appeared in 1999 - as the title already suggests – at the freshly established label Kompakt, which combined the outrider labels of german minimal techno, Profan and Studio 1, which up to that point had never featured any artist outside of Colognes naturally grown former Delirium posse of Cologne. When the exceptional british DJ and cult presenter John Peel played the maxi shortly after its release in his legendary radio show, it became clear that the five years of research with synths and drum machines had been worth while.

With the help of his ability to present a constant variable and diverse musical performance, he quickly was able to win new listeners within the dance music scene, his preferred terrain actually being somewhere between the intersection of minimal technoscapes, grim sounding techhouse and playful ambient.

In 2003 the orb-mastermind dr. Alex Patterson takes the track “you don’t fool me” onto his “Back To Mine” compilation, as Joachim deals with the eighth part of the Speicher series on the side of Kompakt's Michael Mayer, and moves forward with the track “Under Pressure” in the best cologne-stripped-techno-style. Even sven väth notes the benevolent on his playlist.

Miscellaneous remixes follow (for Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voigt, Einmusik, etc.), as well as several compilation licensing, one further successful 12 inch on Speicher and a number of engagements as a DJ - a side of Joachim Spieth that not very many knew about until then. In the past two or three years that has drastically changed. He has travelled in Germany and Europe, where he usually chose the narrowpath between harsher house and rather minimalistic techno, with which he succeeded well.

Since January 2007 Spieth hosts "Showroom", a monthly show on Protonradio/USA with guests like DJ Yellow, SweetnCandy, Marc Miroir, Maxime Dangles, Larsson, Pelle Buys. In the last months Spieth released 12" "Up and Down" on "Tongut", and "Connect" EP on the german "Paso Music" label (incl. Remixes from Martin Eyerer and Dj Silversurfer), as well as some new Remixes.