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Kenneth James Gibson is the multifaceted musician and composer behind [a]pendics.shuffle, Bell Gardens, Reverse Commuter, dubLoner, Kenneth James G., KJ Gibbs, Bal Cath, Eight Frozen Modules, and Premature Wig as well as multiple collaboration projects. Having cataloged over 200 releases, KJG has explored and released music from minimalist and raw house to futurist dub, spaced-out electro to ambient solitudes, experimentalist techno to noisy psychedelic and chamber pop. He is also founder of Los Angeles based house and techno label Adjunct Records (distributed by Kompakt) as well as composes music for TV & film. Over 20 years of production, KJG has collaborated with an eclectic crew of talented beatcrafters and producers, including Mr. C of The Shamen, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto, Mark Bell a.k.a. Blakkat, Dilo, Mikael Stavostrand, Big Bully, Stewart Walker, Konstantin Gabbro (AKA Papa Sang Bass), as well as a series of reworks with Damian Lazarus for Damian’s 2010 album Smoke The Monster Out (Club Versions). KJG is a honed pilot of the remix console. His Reverse Commuter persona explores the warmth of acoustic production and deep house chants — the first full length album, entitled Exposure, was released late 2014. For the past few years, KJG has been collaborating in the studio with Brian McBride of the classical ambient duo Stars Of The Lid, creating an organic, band-driven project called Bell Gardens. The first LP, Full Sundown Assembly, was released in 2012 on the legendary UK anarcho-punk label Southern Records and their second LP titled Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions was released in 2014 on UK’s Rocketgirl. KJG is no stranger to the world’s premiere house and techno labels. A short list of appearances would include Trapez, Mo’s Ferry, Culprit, Resopal, Leftroom, Ware, Lick My Deck, Get Physical, Planet-Mu, Hallucienda, and Kompakt. As the man behind Adjunct Audio (founded in 2005 with Konstantin Gabbro), KJG curates exploratory forays into the stranger sides of house and techno. Adjunct has featured music from Bruno Pronsato, Mikael Stavostrand, Papa Sang Bass, Dilo,Mathias Schaffhäuser, Sonya Moonear, Akiko Kiyama, Blakkat, Mr. C, Mike Shannon, and John Tejada — to name a few names gracing over two 65 releases. KJG has also directed music videos for artists such as Adultnapper, Francis Harris and Dance Spirit as well as his own projects Reverse Commuter, [a]pendics.shuffle, and Bell Gardens. 2016 is lining up to be a big year as it will see KJG’s first full ambient album under his real name titled “The Evening Falls” on Kompakt in April, as well as the return of [a]pendics.shuffle with an album titled “Aware Sequence Found Life” slated for late summer on Adjunct.

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