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Matzak is the shortened name of Nicolas Matuszczak, 30 years old French producer, pharmacist in “real life”. Born in Nîmes where he lived the first 26 years of his life, he started classic piano at the age of 6 and is still practicing his favourite hobby. His tracks’ melodies are even initially played on piano before being composed on synth, agremented with rhythmic parts and many effects. The goal remains the same: building up an incomparable melodic atmosphere. Because what Matzak likes the most is “melody, emotion created by just a few musical notes”.

Discovering Underground Resistance was a real revelation for Nicolas, during the 90’s rave trend. He actually started composing way later in 2006 and began with an Ep on Kickboxer. Several Ep laters, his album “Life Beginnnings” released the following year settled his reputation as it has even been out of stock for a couple of weeks. He is known as one of the best year’s albums on many specialized websites.

Since then, Matzak released several maxis, remixes (Maxime Dangles, Garnica, Davis and may, Mondkopf…)enhancing and diversifying his own style. This is how we find him now on Vitalic’s label Citizen, Boxer and recently on Kompakt Speicher.

His new album is already finished and will be released end of 2009 on Boxer recordings.

“A rigorous claim of minimal sound: sophisticated melody, progressive synths and delightful beats”. Trax Magazine

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