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The masterminds behind the minimal-techno-project Misc. are Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner. Two opposing characters linked by music. Over more than ten years they have grown together successfully as producers and performers. While Christopher reaps the benefits of a classical musical education, Hannes is an autodidact in this field. And these different sources pretty well feed their creativity in producing and re-mixing. Opposites attract. Elegantly obstinate, Bleckmann and Wenner define their outstanding style by producing massively energetic dancefloor-striking hits, but also tracks that allow to respite troughout rather mellow, emotional sequences. With their bouncing bass-lines and vivid arrangements, Misc. are capable of disrupting the stylistic chains of minimal –techno without missing out the profound nouances this genre may offer. Suitably, Sender Records is the most relevant label for the duo. Moreover, they are known to be one of the most eclectic techno live-acts around. Rocking the dancefloor-crowds in clubs all over Europe, Misc.’s live-sets are truely unique performances. With their intuitively arranged pieces, the two artists create a multilayer dramaturgy on each gig. Intelligently playing with the ambivalent shades in sound, they build up a certain tension. Oscillating between subtle and straight parts, pulsating either soft or severe, now feverish, then relaxing, the sound of Misc. is soaked by the audience and echoed in euphoria.

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