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2007 was a phenomenal year for MOTOR . Not only did they unleash their second album, 'Unhuman', on the back of their 'Sweatbox' and 'Black Powder' singles, but their live show as a travelling three piece has torn up clubs, gigs and festivals the world over. MOTOR supported Nitzer Ebb on their world tour and appeared at such festivals as I Love Techno with Kraftwerk, and Pukkelpop with Daft Punk.

If MOTOR have gone some way to setting themselves apart from other electronic live acts, then their sophomore album Unhuman has developed their sound away from the continued metallic pummel of 2006's debut Klunk. Whilst obvious club pleasing tracks such as tense acid workout 'Flashback' have already become live show favourites, demolition road tested throughout America, Japan and Europe, the album displays a warmer and more developed sound.

In 2008, MOTOR went back into the studio and locked the door. Taking time off from the rigorous touring schedule of previous years, MOTOR sought to reinvent their sound to keep them on top of the game.

The first single to be released from these sessions was 'Ice' released on Kompakt in September.

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