Pass Into Silence

Ambient unit by Tetsuo + Mayuchiano (M-ONDE).

  • 98 The ambient project 'pass into silence' starts.
  • 03 Nov. "sakura" included in 'Pop Ambient 2004'
  • 04 Mar. Mid-length album 'calm like a millpond' released by KOMPAKT
  • 04 Aug.Entry at Dance and Media 2004/Tokyo 'Dance Video Clips' Exhibition of video arts, with the motif of dance.
  • 04 Sep."voices" remixed by Gabriel & Dresden "Bloom" released by NETTWERK
  • 04 Nov. "blue" included in 'Pop Ambient 2005'
  • 05 Jun. "hanabatake" included in soundtrack CD 'Des nevroses pour la Saint Valentin' released by Onpa
  • 05 Nov. "iceblink" included in 'Pop Ambient 2006'
  • 05 Nov. Live at Kichijouji 'Star Pine's Cafe' / yama records presents 'round rondo special'
  • 06 Mar. Live at Shibuya 'womb' / ELECTRONIC MUSIC+TECHNO 'IRIZO'
  • 07 Feb. "voices" remixed by SIMON BERRY "THE BIG FREEZE" released by Platipus
  • 07 Jul. Live at Station ART Cafe 'YOKOHAMA EIZONE 2007'

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