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Mexican producer and DJ PAULOR, or Paulo Rodriguez as the man knows him, is an architect by trade, but harbors a multi-discipline skill set going well beyond his professional training – he’s really good, for example, at having fun with guitar riffs and drum hits. Deciding to take his passion to the next level, he started making the rounds as a DJ staple for everything from Soul, Funk, Disco and brushes of rock to contemporary electronic dance music, landing him a coveted residency spot at the legendary TOPAZdeluxe in Monterrey. A close friend for years, PAULOR chose Rebolledo as the first critic of his own production work – and got the Pachanga Boy immediately hooked on the sheer musicality abounding in it. It’s what lead to essential contributions to “A Very Nice Combinado Volume Dos” and Rebolledo’s remix album “Mondo Re- Alterado” - potent primers for the artist’s first solo EP on You And Your Hippie Friends, which also includes the infamous cut “Paulor’s Blues”, finally bringing this secret cult favorite amongst heavy rollers to the masses.

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