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Richard Bartz can definitely be considered an important representant of the german electronic scene. As a producer and as the owner of the label Kurbel, Richard has constantly collaborated for the consolidation of a music guided by many different influences: techno, house, electro, synthcore, hi nrg, among others. A regular of the electronic music clubs since the end of the eighties, Richard started his production career as co-producer on DJ Hell's album "Geteert & Gefedert", released by Disko B in 1994. At that time he became also very much addicted to the raves, and started his Acid Scout project: his first single, "4 Degrees" (considered a classic, the same way as "Balance"), dates from 1993 and the "Safari" album was released in 1994. Just one year after, he made another long play, "Sci-Fi", with a combination of techno and acid elements. One of his most appreciated oeuvres appeared in the "Subway" twelve inch, which came out by Heiko Laux's Berliner label Kanzleramt at the new year's day of 1998. Richard constructed a very impressive reputation on the European scene, with an agenda full of lives in many different events and countries.

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