Profan, Astral Industries, Cologne

Wolfgang Voigt is an artist, music producer and co-founder of Kompakt. He is considered as a pioneer of so-called Cologne minimal techno. For more than 25 years now, he has been realigning the boundaries between techno and art, between minimal and ambient, under innumerable project names including Mike Ink, Love Inc., Studio1, Freiland, Sog and his most celebrated alias GAS.

His project Rückverzauberung is an advancement of GAS, which, with its unusual combination of reduced technoid and abstract-amorph classical sound structures, enthralled a global audience worldwide far beyond the electronic music scene. With Rückverzauberung, Wolfgang Voigt took the next logical step towards abstraction and atonal art music. More than in previous projects, the term Rückverzauberung ("reverse-enchantment") stands for Voigt’s creative approach of stripping certain musical sound sources of their original form or meaning in order to put them in a new aesthetic context (deconstruction). An approach that is becoming increasingly visible in voigt’s visual art, too. Rückverzauberung, like GAS, is an ambient electronic concert-lecture for a largely seated audience.