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Tom Peters lives the very heart of Berlin and arguably the creative center of Europe. He is part of the.officers DJ collective, which was founded in the town of Unnode close to the Baltic Sea. His passion, energy and note-perfect music choices guarantee packed dance floors. His aim, he says, is to create “unique experiences” for his audiences. His sounds embrace many forms of electronica, from house to techno, with a sexy groove enhanced by the occasional hint of big city melancholy.

In his early 20s, Tom embodies the atmosphere of Berlin, pulling together many creative strands to form a vibrant mix. When he’s not enthusing about music, he pours his energy into his up-and-coming fashion label “Save Fashion”. He is a DJ, a producer, a fashion artist and a promoter all at the same time. If you can’t track him down in Berlin, Tom is probably in London, which he loves for its “amazing mixture of people”. Constantly curious, constantly positive, he pours his heart into everything he does. It’s no wonder he already has a loyal following of fans who’ll show up to dance whenever his name appears.

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