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Thanks to a wonderful coincidence and weeks and months of arduous research, we were able to the license to release two of the most influential and immortal techno tracks ever on one record. Tricky Disco and GTO are projects both realized by sound artists Michael Wells and Lee Newman. From the early 1990s to the mid-1990s, they came up with splashy tracks under numerous pseudonyms as for example John & Julie, Church of Exstasy or Technohead (exactly, the gabber evergreen track 'I Wanna Be A Hippie' released on Mokum!), until Lee died of cancer in 1995 -- at the height of their career. In 1990, Tricky Disco was released as WAP 007 on the young Warp Label and, together with stylistically-similar approaches of label colleagues like LFO or Sweet Exorcist, they revolutionized the club scene. A new sound was born: the Bleep! There are only a few sounds time could not harm thanks to their simplicity and conciseness. Next to the 303 and the saw-tooth sounds, the Bleep is probably the only and certainly the nicest sound. Bleeps are happiness and lightness. Bleeps are good, they are sweet, little buddies. GTO's 'Pure' is listed in the same ranking. Also released in 1990, it represented the kick into a great future for the (soon) Belgium cult label GoBang!

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