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New York, Rio, Tokyo ... Down Town was yesterday

For every village a field, for every village a record and you will listen to what is served no questions asked. The new label from Mecklenburg "Acker Records" out of the Kombinat100 and Fortschritt3000 background begin where Fox and Rabbit usually say "Good Night". It will be a trip through Mecklenburg, the northern German state by the Baltic Sea. And Acker is the theme of the roadtrip on the wide musical field. The format is clear. Side-A comes with a functional clubtrack and Side-B provides enough room for innovation and the experimental unknown. The musical direction will be a fusion between Techno and House with dub and pop elements. While you might find a polka or a punk track on the B-Side. We will see, right! Wustrow, Wanzka, Dischley Lets wait and see there are many more fields - "Acker" - to plow through

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