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Terranova , Stereo MC’s and Kompakt Records present ‘connected’ - a label for contemporary electronic soul music.

Fetisch, better known as Berlin DJ & Producer Terranova, and renowned Brixton based group Stereo MC’s are redefining their musical relationship with the launch of their highly anticipated new imprint ‘connected’. After the recent success of their collaborative Kompakt single ‘Tell Me Why’, the crew realized the potential in their collaboration and the collaborative imrpint was born.

The focus of the new label will be quality releases, distinctive artwork, original videos, custom apparel and live performances, as well as being an outlet to combine and cultivate the tastes that the musicians share. ‘connected’ is an entity where we can do anything we feel, make cool packaging, put other people’s records out, do great merchandise.

It’s a concept for how we always saw all the labels we’ve both been involved in. We just wanted to do something we had control over we could call our own, and try to take to a good place, uniting the classic with the future.

The label's first release will be a new collaboration between Terranova and Stereo MC’s, due out on December 4th, followed by a collaborative album and various tracks from other like-minded artists.

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