Malka Tuti

A label formed in early 2015 by Asaf Samuel (Tel Aviv born Barcelona based) and Guy Kenneth (aka Katzele, born in Tel Aviv, based in Berlin).

The label was founded basically for 2 main reasons:

1. To scout and push forward talents we believe can do great things but just need some help, and a home.

2. The idea that the scenes are too closed, too divided, and there are just to many rules and borders.

We believe in creating a catalogue of diversity, yet with a small line, a small yet distinct sonic signature, that goes through all our releases, whether they are a poppy afterhours song, a dreamy house release, an EBM banger, or a fusion of world music with analogue electronic beats. This diversity helps us reach out for crowds that aren’t aware of these different sides of the music spectrum yet are eager to get to know them and we are here to provide them with a fresh platform for that.

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