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Pingipung releases Electronica music since the year 2001 and has been founded by four friends in Lueneburg, northern Germany. They met in the Electronic Studio of the University and the early intention to release their own freshest tunes on vinyl (as artists the Pingipung crew are called Peter Presto, Springintgut, Miss Emily and Mister Tingle) soon turned into a broader variety of Electronica when the artist catalogue expanded. A frame above all releases is the playful, vivid, never too minimal approach to electronic composition, often combined with refined recordings of acoustic instruments. While Pingipung loves Techno, their output is not supposed to work perfectly on dancefloors but rather in the bed and livingroom. Just as their hometown is not a cradle of urban hipness but rather a picturesque brickstone environment which attracts busloads of Japanese tourists... well, can they be wrong?

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