Ezekiel Honig's Personal Sound Concepts online class

Anticipate Recordings' Ezekiel Honig is well-known for his music drawing on influences as diverse as Electro-Acoustics. Ambient and Slow-Motion Techno, a multi-faceted approach that also informs Ezekiel's teaching. His "Personal Sound Concepts" online class will guide you through listening to your surroundings with the goal to actually integrate those sounds in your production work. You'll learn to hear differently, with some of the major themes being memory associations, editing of found sounds and experimenting with inherent rhythms. The class will help you to construct a personal sound world, a concept that can be utilized towards any creative practice. It's not about learning the technology of music software or a digital audio workstation, but is about ideas for using the technology differently and finding a different, unique perspective on your own work. The class will begin on Sunday, November 25, and go through the first four classes up to December 16. It will then break for the busy last couple weeks of the year and pick up again for the last session on January 6. More info here.

November 21th 2012

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