Hippie Dance presents Lost Track Of Time

This weekend, Hippie Dance returns with their fifth release "Who Let The Twins Out?" by The Truly Fantastic Dessagne Twins From Saint Etienne. The celebratory shindig comes as a 25 hour experiment called "Lost Track Of Time" by Pachanga Boys and Rodrigo Madrazo. It will take place on August 17th across both M.N. Roy in Mexico City and the rest of the world. The whole thing will be broadcast live around the world from Saturday 17th at 18:00 until Sunday 19:00 (remember to adjust for Mexico local time). Everybody is welcome to do their own Pachanga with the live stream and take HD footage from it for the documentary to be released next year. Check out the Pachanga Boys / Hippie Dance Facebook page for more information.

August 15th 2013

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