Album artwork for 120 5x5

120 5x5 The Humble Seaman

Release date: September 10, 2021
Cat No: RTE/LP003
Barcode: 4250101435072
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Full color labels, Black Inner Sleeves, Printed Outer Sleeves, Full Color (300g. / Glossy), Limited to 100 units
The Humble Seaman 120 5x5 [RTE/LP003] Craig Tattersall & Bill Seaman

Usually projects take a long time, with deep processing and thinking, for this project they attempted to work in the complete opposite way, to work as quickly as possible, absolute intuition! (2 weeks from start to finish if memory serves).[maybe 4] Some very beautiful works arose via this process. Craig re-named our duo the Humble Seaman but we are also known as the Seaman and the tattered sail.

We tend to find things through process, moving through trying things out, abstracting things, adding new layers etc. until the final felt meaning is arrived at…

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