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1981 Markus Guentner



Release date: February 28, 2005
Cat No: Kompakt CD 039
Barcode: 880319018022
Kompakt CD 039
12,80 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
1981. What a year. The pop culture machine is changing. Punk, Wave, Synth-Pop. Glamour and Revolution. Pop to the barricades! In Germany, the famous music magazine 'Sounds' governs the scene. And the 'real' New German Wave has reached its peak, one year before the so-called quote-pop of 'summer of love' saved us from the 'fake' New German wave. And Markus Guentner was born. 'Wenn Musik der Liebe Nahrung ist' (If Music be the Food of Love) is the title of a track on his new album. It may sound a bit overblown, but you will adore it. As if it was a matter of live and death, Markus Guentner conjures his laptop to present even the last secrets of a great love. Emotions have become the most beautiful sound monsters you have ever heard. Three and a half years have passed since his album In Moll (Kompakt 42 DoLP CD11). Three and a half years where the master of sound planes has kept on densifying and refining his magnificent sounds. 1981 presents the whole spectrum of pop ambient sound art and Markus Guentner at its best. 1981 can be regarded as Jove at the shining firmament of Kompakt's Pop Ambient universe. And as if this was not enough, you will notice -- here and there -- a kind of bass drum. But who really cares? It's glowing...
"1981" zeigt das gesamte Spektrum Pop Ambienter Klangkunst und einen Markus Guentner in Bestform.

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