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20 Jahre Kompakt/ Kollektion 2 Various Artists



Release date: August 19, 2013
Cat No: Kompakt CD 109
Barcode: 880319076329
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Kompakt CD 109
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
On March 1st, 1993, we opened the blue doors on Gladbacher Straße 36 for the very first time and thus, a new record store was born. Two moves, a name change, almost exactly 500 publications and a staggering 20 years later, KOMPAKT is still here and stronger than ever. That’s why throughout 2013, we’re celebrating “20 YEARS OF KOMPAKT” in all shapes and colors, including this second entry in the KOLLEKTION series, a jam- packed follow-up to the hugely successful KOLLEKTION 1. As with the first volume, we plunged into our extensive archives and looked for personal favorites as well as certified bangers, dovetailing the new and the old, the rough stuff and the soft, funky noises and epic melodies. Although we cast a slightly wider net this time, you should consider every single track on this list a tried and true label classic, sounds that we think helped define what KOMPAKT is today. Take CLOSER MUSIK’s achingly beautiful MARIA for example: starting KOLLEKTION 2 in this fashion means business – we really couldn’t be any clearer about the level of emotional investment and sheer musical quality we’re aiming for here. KOLLEKTION 2 is also a perfect opportunity to plug the first installment’s gaping holes. Feeling a little bit like we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul, we had to make some pretty tough choices when compiling KOLLEKTION 1, such as the omission of a certain JÜRGEN PAAPE – after all, KOMPAKT’s reclusive giant is responsible for some of our greatest releases, such as the timeless house ballad WIR FLIEGEN SOWEIT WIE NOCH NIE or floor juggernaut TAKE THAT. Both tracks make a highly welcomed appearance here, alongside other fixtures in our label canon like MICHAEL MAYER’s PRIDE IS WEAKER THAN LOVE, LAWRENCE’s TEASER or REINHARD VOIGT’s ROBSON PONTE. But there’s more: in the secret weapons department, you’ll find yourself treated to STEADYCAM’s irresistibly tripping KNOCK- KNEED, SHUMI’s epic THE WIND AND THE SEA and ARIL BRIKHA’s driving BERGHAIN, just to name a few. The rat pack comes into the limelight, too, with COMA’s PLAYGROUND ALTONA, SASCHIENNE’s GRAND CRU or WALLS’ SUNPORCH representing those vital bouts of fresh air that every label needs in its roster. Never shy to branch out while caring for the roots, KOLLEKTION 2 navigates 20 years of producing, releasing and dancing to electronic music... the best job in the world, if you ask us.

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