Album artwork for 4 THA CULTURE


Cat No: LFEK011
Barcode: 4250101425141
17,90 €
Im on my ignorant shit. I’m on my Berlin boy shit. If you slide on my set I’ll send your ass curling and shit. I came back from rave, yeah bitch that was burning and shit. I’m now 20 feet deep under ground just learning and shit.”

3 years ago MCR-T kickstarted Live From Earth Klub with his and the label’s first ever Techno release “KRAFT” LFEK001. Now, 3 years later, we are proud to announce MCR-T’s second vinyl release and Live From Earth Klub‘s 11th installment “4 THA CULUTURE”.

Since the earliest days of raves, Techno and Rap have not only coexisted but have been fundamentally intertwined. The contemporary Techno / Electronic music image has long ridden itself of its Hip Hop MCing component rendering the combination of both as being virtually extinct. All-terrain vehicle MCR-T aims to restore the long forgotten craft of MCing over Techno / Gabber / Electro beats not only on the dancefloor but also for your recreational pleasure. Combining forces with Australia’s own legendary Partiboi69 has only made this EP an even spicier force to be reckoned with.

The sonic character of this body of music spans from 90’s piano stab infused Big Room Techno anthems to contemporary Ghetto Tech, Electro, and Gabber interpretations combining the soul power of voice with the menacing power of bass.

“4 THA CULTURE” EP pays homage to all the OGs of electronic music, to all the ravers on and off the dancefloor, to all the promoters, the labels and clubs, the tastemakers, the recordshops.

This ain’t just for y’all. It’s for the culture.


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