Album artwork for 5 YRS of DGTL Records: Part 4

5 YRS of DGTL Records: Part 4 Various Artists



Release date: April 1, 2022
Cat No: DGTL 020.4
Barcode: 4250101442551
Digital Single
DGTL 020.4
11,20 €
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DGTL Records - the official label arm of Dutch festival giant DGTL - marks its fifth anniversary in style with brand new album ‘5YRS of DGTL Records’. The 14-track long player is released on April 16th as a 4x 12” vinyl set and drops digitally across 4 separate EP releases between February 18 and April 1, of which the fourth and final one features Trikk & Frank Wiedemann, Terr & Daniel Watts, Kino Todo & Danelz and Lucky Done gone.

5YRS of DGTL Records is a perfect reflection of not just of the label itself but also its global event patron: headliners sitting equally alongside local talent and up-and-coming acts. Over the past five years, DGTL Records has grown into its own as a fully-fledged musical arm of the overall DGTL musical experience.

Frank Wiedemann & Trikk join forces for their first ever collab, called ‘Ponto’, a perfect blend of their production styles. Thumping drums and a heavy bassline set a dark mood, balanced out with plucky synths and playful sounds. Terr and Daniel Watts follow suit with their track, ‘The Fall’. With an eerie vibe and progressive kicks, the track draws you in immediately. Glitchy sounds are sprayed throughout its layers, as Johann Heyss’ vocals come delayed adding to the mysticism of their track.

‘Monkey Neighbour’, produced by Kino Todo and Danelz, switches things around with an upbeat breakbeat drum pattern that evolves into disgustingly heavy kicks. A powerful track with wobbly acid synths rolled throughout its entirety, and monkey voices sprinkled between its layers. Lucky Done Gone provides a soothing finale to our compilation with ‘Signs of Wealth’. Driving percussion, lively synths and groovy bass lines cross each other's path in this track to produce a soundscape full of suspense and bliss.

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