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Release date: December 16, 2016
Cat No: OLGA 005
Barcode: 880319847318
Digital Single
OLGA 005
D Edge’s specialist in-house label OLGA is back with a fifth fantastic EP, this time from esteemed talent a.84 aka Brazilian Andre Torquato. He serves up two top tracks, one of which features D Edge owner Renato Ratier.

Torquato also releases music as Nomumbah on Yoruba Records and Sonar Kollektiv, as døøb on Sudd Records and AnT on D.O.C, so is an assured producer with many different sounds. As a key player on the underground scene, he is also a resident D Edge and really knows how to cook up essen-tial house and techno grooves that work perfectly in the club.

Up first here, ‘4’ is a deep and dubby roller that really hypnotises you with its warm bass, smooth pads and wooden hits. Skewed synths add colour and the chunky drums really get groovy. It is a timeless track that will suck in any crowd. ‘7’ featuring boss Renato is then even more expertly subtle and spooky, with rooted rubber drums down low and weird vocals up top. Icy pads are minimalistic but atmospheric and the whole thing is beautifully delicate yet driving.

This is another tasteful EP from OLGA

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