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A Greater Administration Of Lower Interests

Label: Dial
Release date: October 3, 2011
Cat No: Dial 060
Barcode: 880319531019
Sold Out
Here comes a bundle of two anthems presented by the Dial Records founders themselves: Carsten Jost and Lawrence are back with a highly recommended doubleAside12inch for your pleasure. Even there was nearly no summer in northern Europe this year – hard rain all the time, temperatures under the t-shirt limit - still the festival season was a deep success and full of magic moments. Nachtdigital Festival in Olganitz near Leipzig and Smallville in Hamburg have been two of the most lovely and sophisticated outdoor venues so far starring a proper Dial Line up. Those were the best places to test the upcoming tracks and pieces. This 12inch of labelmates Carsten Jost and Lawrence is a result of thousands of happy faces dancing the night away.

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