Album artwork for A Very Nice Combinado Volume Uno

A Very Nice Combinado Volume Uno Various Artists

Release date: July 27, 2015
Cat No: YAYHF 01
Barcode: 880319804519
10,90 €
You And Your Hippie FriendsYOU AND YOUR HIPPIE FRIENDS 001 “A VERY NICE COMBINADO Volume UNO” The first delivery from You And Your Hippie Friends is a little taste of what this new adventure will be like. A mini compilation from 5 respective artists from different contexts and styles.

Young and always fresh Sebastian Bouchet is doing the honors opening the record with a proven dance floor hit “Captain Drag”, already a classic on the sets of Pachanga Boys, Barnt and a few other lucky ones who have it.

The journey continues with the indiesque laid back sound of “Leisure” from Yula Kasp, a good friend of The Boys, originally from Poland, based in the suburbs of Paris where she stays creative thanks to the company of her cats, the love from her lover, her beautiful garden and the fine herbs she gets from it.

Next is Antimateria (Speachless extended version*) from Beyou. A slow dark and introspective trip from Diego, beloved friend from Mexico City.*

From Monterrey (Mexico) El Güero Fresa Presenta: brings us “Convertible Ride”, a unique track which is almost a guilty pleasure… Enjoy the breeze in your face and try not to smile while listening to it… just not possible.

The trip ends (for some) with Land From Land by Otto, from Germany… a beautiful one take melancholic recording which makes time stop.

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