Album artwork for A Vour Water

A Vour Water Nutia

Release date: January 22, 2021
Cat No: TAL006
Barcode: 4250101423079
9,50 €
We are more than happy about Nutia returning to Tal der Verwirrung with a gloomy, twisted yet hauntingly beautiful solo EP after his first appearance on the label in 2017.

A1 Dreamy, distant bells and subtle, organic drums form the canvas for warm chords which Nutia pairs with dubby baseline stabs and vocals of his very special vocalist.

A2 Through Nutia's combination of delayed sonar pings and high-cut organ chords the listener suprisingly finds his- or herself underwater, pitched percussive shakers and overburdening clicks and pops constantly stack up and lead to total confusion.

B1 With a steady, dubby baseline and repetitive, filtered arpeggios Nutia builds solid groundwork, but when introducing creamy, gluey vocals with a haunting message he introduces a truly flawless embodiment of a vinyls b-side.

B2 In this remix of Nutia's A Vour Water, the listener get's challenged and invited for a closer listen: Acid Pauli combines instrusive echos of mind-twisting delays and delicately tuned reverbs to open room for each and everybodys imagination to unfold.

B3 The untraceable manipuliation of a simple 8-bit melody preceeds a stomping kick and massive clap directly from 1984, building tension and arousal, only to let the listener finally dissolve in warm and dreamy layers of the softest chord progression.

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