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Above The Sky

Release date: April 11, 2011
Cat No: Mule 077
Barcode: 880319518010
Sold Out
After the brilliant album “Until Then Goodbye“, Lawrence is back on Mule Electronic! Four brand new songs on this new single, “Teenage Barb“ on A-1 is a hypnotic deep house tune with melancholic piano chords, monotone synth sounds. “Organ Track“ on A-2 is a percussive deep house tune with a modern approach, it's for all deep house lovers. “Above The Sky“ is a dance version of the same song which is included to the new edition of Mule's ambient compilation „Enjoy the Silence“ very nice ambient house sound with illusory melody like Steve Reich. Ambient version of Above The Sky“ is taken from upcoming “Enjoy The Silence vol.2“ which will be released on 23 May. Great artists from Terre thaemlitz, Koss, Nsi.,Donato Dozzy, Seltene Erden (new project by Kassem Mosse) and more are joined.
After The Brilliant Album “Until Then Goodbye“ , Lawrence Is Back On Mule Electronic! Four Brand New Songs On This New Single,“Teenage Barb“ On A 1 Is Hypnotic Deep House Tune With Melancholic Piano Chords,Monotone Synth Sounds. “Organ Track“On A 2 Is Percussive Deep House Tune With Modern Approach,It's For All Deep House Lovers. “Above The Sky“ Is A Dance Version Of The Same Song Which Is Included To The New Edition Of Mule's Ambient Compilation „Enjoy The Silence“.Very Nice Ambient House Sound With Illusory Melody Like Steve Reich. “Ambient Version Of Above The Sky“ Is Taken From Upcoming “Enjoy The Silence Vol.2“ Which Will Be Released On 23 May. Great Artists From Terre Thaemlitz,Koss,Nsi.,Donato Dozzy,Seltene Erden(New Project By Kassem Mosse) And More Are Joined.

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