Album artwork for Access Disruption

Access Disruption Gumm

Release date: May 17, 2024
Cat No: MOP015
Barcode: 4250101471100
Digital Single
Australian producer Gumm’s debut EP comes in the form of ‘Access Disruption’, a three-track release that traverses the gap between house and indie genres.

Speaking to the current state of friction between people and technology, the dancefloor-ready hypnotic title track ‘Access Disruption’ shines a gentle light on the addictive tendencies we have to our devices and the rising power of AI.

While differing in sound, the housey ’Komale’ and hard-hitting indie ‘Maya’ take us on their own unique journeys. The elevating tone of ‘Komale’ places the listener into a positive, reflective mind-state – conversely, suited for the late hours of night, ‘Maya’ is reminiscent of dust and celebration, a familiar theme among the Australian festival community.

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