Album artwork for Acid Straps Vol. 2

Acid Straps Vol. 2 Strapontin / Zillas on Acid

Release date: February 17, 2023
Cat No: OMDD 048
Barcode: 4250101452840
Digital Single
OMDD 048
Strapontin and Zillas On Acid are back with a second red hot collaborative EP. Let them tell you all about it….

After completing Acid Straps Vol. I, we knew we had to delve ever deeper into the shared Strapontin-Zillas (Strapozillas?) universe–harder, weirder, wilder. Work commenced as before, with music volleyed across the Atlantic via the information superhighway. Particular yet universal themes emerged with “Dial Up” (modern [mis]communication), “Another Job” (the perils of labor), “Reading Comments” (distraction and the social mediated life), and “In Your Mind” (quick fix platitudes via the self-help industrial complex).

A chance planetary alignment brought the three of us together IRL in Brussels this past summer to put the finishing touches on the EP while we were all incarnated–TOGETHER–in the same physical space. It’s this raw PHYSICALITY that informs the more focused final release, which we hope will translate to you, the listener, as you carefully experience… Acid Straps Vol. II.

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